You can create a very cozy atmosphere with our indirect lighting. Typical to this system is the fact that the wiring is nicely hidden in the seam of the Starshade, Starstage or Startwin. Like this there are no loose cables lying around inside the tent.

     Starshade verlichting

Sidewalls Starshade

For the protection against rain and wind, there can be attached transparant as well as full sidewalls to the tent. These can easily be attached too the tent with a zipper.

Tent met zijpanelen

Handweights and plate for a hard base

These handweights are easy to handle and weigh 23 KG each. The weights are used for building the tent on a hard base. Usually for using the tent inside or when no single point can be fixed with a pin into the ground. Wenn no point can be fixed into the ground, we advise you the metal case for outside use (see below).

Tent met gewichten

Metal Case for a hard base - outdoor use

Wenn no single point of the Starshade, Starstage of Startwin can be anchored into the ground with a pin we advise to use the metal cases for outdoor use. The case can be filled at the spot with waterbags, sandbags, rocks, old iron,... The weight of one metal case can go up to 500 KG per case.

Wooden floor for the Starshade

At trade fairs, showrooms, company events,... a beautiful floor is essential. Our wooden are placed modulair and give extra support to the tent when placing it on a hard base. De floor can be ordered unworked or treated with oils. Ask for more information.

Starshade, extra anchoring 1

A good anchoring into the ground is crucial. Some attributes can help, like the 'spadepin' for an very loose soil.

Starshade, extra anchoring 2

A good anchoring into the ground is crucial. Some attribute can help, like the extented pin for placing the tent on the beach or for a very loose soil.

Starshade, extra anchoring 3

A good anchoring into the ground is crucial. Some attribute can help, like the connectionplate for double anchoring at one point.


Starshade, protectioncloth an firm carrybag

When you don't want to make the Starshade, Starstage of Startwin dirty during the building, it is best to use a plastic to protect it against the dirt. Also when taking the tent down, it is best to use the plastic. Like this the life of the tent can be extented on an easy way.

In the picture you can see an orange carrybag with firm handles and in which the tent can easily be put away. Very useful when using the tent often.

In the meantime we are working to expand our accessories which widen the application possibilities. If you want to know everything about it, contact us. We are always open to suggestions.

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