Krekels is the European market leader of the Startent.



The STARTENT combines a maximum functionality with a fast building and many applications:

- Stylish partytent (can be sealed of)
- Meeting point in bigger events
- Demonstration room
- On a trade fair
- Promotiontent and eye-catcher (Printed with your logo)

Building - packaging:

The Startent can be setup with two persons in 30 minutes.
The packaging is very small and easy to carry.

Material and specifications:

The fabric of the Startent is made of polyester cloth 500 denier. It is UV-protection, resistant to water and fire resistant.
The pole is divided into 5 parts en made of anodized aluminium.


We have a large variation of accessories for the Startent to increase the functionality and the visibility of the tent: Windproof sidewalls, lights, weights for placing the tent on a hard base, special anchoring pegs, ...

Krekels - Service:

Service for sale:
- We provide a honest and professional advise.
- We supply a demonstration how to setup the tent.
- We make a 3D mockup with your logo.
- We are competitive in price and quality.

After-sales service:
- We can be reached 7/7 and 24/24 by our customers.
- We supply a demonstration how to setup the tent.
- We have spare parts on stock.
- We clean and repair the tents.